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What is an institutional website?

An institutional site is a site that presents your company to the market in a succinct and direct way. In it, users who connect to your website will have important information about your business such as:
- Who is your company
- What your company sells through texts and explanatory images
- Where is it located and how to get to your address through an interactive map
- Contact information like phone and email
- Contact form so that customers can contact the site directly with you through your email

You can implement other functionalities on websites, but an insitutional website has the most important information that customers need to know to know your business, what you sell, where you are, and so you can decide more clearly what your business really is What he seeks.

We work with the latest in site creation: Responsive Sites.

What is a responsive website?

Responsive sites are a relatively new technology for website creation. A responsive website fits the screen of any device, regardless of its size. When we say that a site fits the screen of a device, this means that if the user accesses your site from a smartphone or tablet, you do not need to zoom in to read the content of the site, thus making it a more readable format if Looking a lot like viewing a Smartphone application. Using only 1 website your business will be available on smartphones, tablets and computers.

Why does my business need a website?

In general, your business will gain exposure and visibility with your target audience. You can show in much more detail the history of your company and what your business sells besides winning another sales channel, since you can also use your website to do business online.