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What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. By synthesizing, this means that your website can be optimized to appear in search hardware such as Bing, Yahoo and Google for the business relevant to your business.

SEO in practice

When users do a search on Google they are demonstrating intentions. For example, when a person searches for "price of wedding cakes in Sao Paulo" you face that person is wondering the price of a wedding cake, to be able to buy that cake, for a wedding party because someone goes To marry, most likely herself. This research also shows us that this person probably lives in São Paulo because he is looking for a nearby store to buy and so try and negotiate with the cake seller. If you own a cake factory in São Paulo, it would be interesting if your site was optimized to appear for this type of research that demonstrates that a person intends to consume a product that his business sells, and thus you will have the chance to Sell to that customer.

This story is an illustration to make it easier to understand how Google works in a very basic way, and how micro and small businesses can use these strategies to bring more sales to their business.

Like this example of wedding cake research, there are thousands of people right now researching and showing interest in the products that your business sells, but they have no idea that your business exists because who appears to them on the first few pages of Google as Option is probably your competitor who is already with your site optimized and selling to all those customers that could be yours.

A good SEO consulting job will put your site in the running for those customers who want to consume your product, but today unfortunately, they only find the competition.