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What is a virtual store?

A virtual store is a site exclusively dedicated to sales of products or services. Your products are displayed on pages so customers can shop right through the site, including making payment and placing delivery information on the site itself. The negotiation is done from start to finish online, and this is what characterizes an e-commerce.

How can a virtual store help my business?

A virtual store can be considered an extension of your physical store if you have a trade of any nature. If your physical store works within a certain time, your online store is open 24 hours 7 days a week generating exposure of your brand and its products. Another good thing about having a virtual store is that your business has no locality barriers. Ex: If you have a physical store in Rio de Janeiro and a virtual store with your products and a customer from São Paulo you find in your store vitrtual that product that perfectly meets his requirements, just a click and some exchanges of emails and This product will be delivered in the comfort of the residence of that customer who lives more than 500 KM away from your store.