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What is the Digital Marketing?

First we need to understand what Marketing is all about. By definition, Marketing is the science that studies the market and consumer relations. Digital Marketing, as its name implies, is Marketing applied in digital environments. There is no difference between "traditional marketing" or offline and Digital Marketing or online, it's all the same thing, Digital Marketing, assert the unlimited potential of the internet and use tools and strategies in digital environments.

How can Digital Marketing help my business?

Today we are more than 208 million people in Brazil. Of that number, more than 120 million are active internet users, according to social marketing agency We Are Social, which were unveiled in January 2016, data you can check for more details by clicking here

With a potentially huge market as shown earlier and the advent of the digital era, Digital Marketing gained momentum from the moment the mode of information was changed. People are looking for all kinds of information on the internet, more precisely on Google, including consumer and product information. More than 74% of customers are looking for a product on the internet before they actually buy it, which is why their business needs to appear on online platforms so customers know what you are selling.

Today, you can target Digital Marketing campaigns to specific audiences by reaching only parts of customers who are interested in buying what you sell, so your Marketing actions will be cheaper and can be easily measured, making it easier to understand the Campaign and data collection for future campaign strategies.

It is important to note that these campaigns when done by specialized agencies or qualified marketers have much more significant and lasting results.