Understand how Branding can help your business

Before understanding about Branding is very important to understand a little more about brand.

What is a brand?

Brand Can be understood as a set of tangible and non-tangible characteristics that materialize in graphics, colors, logo, typography, music among other manifestations. To add value to a brand, these characteristics need to be managed properly, as they create values that influence the buying decision of customers. A successful brand needs to synthesize all the values and solutions to address the problems and needs of its consumers.

What is a Branding?

Branding Is the set of solutions that a brand needs to stay in the market. It can range from the creation of a new brand, to the repositioning of existing and struggling brands, also known as rebranding. Basically, it is divided in 3 steps: Detail of the target audience, Brand Positioning and Multisensory Construction.

Branding that is starting can have a faster rise in the market and lasting benefits if Branding studies are done.
Brands already established in the market may also benefit from a new Branding (rebranding) study, as they have information about their target audience and relevant market data.